We are heartbroken over the injustices perpetrated against the Black community. We recognize that racism, in its many forms, still exists in many of our communities and we know that with recognition comes responsibility. We’re listening, we’re learning and we’re committed to doing our part by following through with an actionable plan that we are in the process of implementing. By educating ourselves and by recognizing our own shortcomings, we are committed to finding ways in which we can contribute to lasting and meaningful change. We acknowledge that this is the starting point to a long-term responsibility and we would like to share with you our course of action:


  • We have compiled resources that we have shared with our staff that include educational materials, petitions, links to organizations fighting for justice, fundraisers and more. You can access those resources here.
  • We are actively working to implement anti-racism policies in our hiring practices, employee handbooks and training
  • We have been taking this time to properly research and speak with organizations in the Black community to advise us on how we can best contribute our expertise that will help effect positive change. We look forward to sharing this with you in the very near future once it has been finalized.


The Terroni family of restaurants, Sud Forno, Spaccio and Cavinona are committed to being a part of the necessary change for racial and social justice.