Materia Prima – The Essence of Terroni

“Italian cooking emphasizes the simplicity and quality of the ingredients. “Materia prima”. The raw material. That’s what it’s all about. Most of Mammoliti’s time is spent sourcing the right products for his restaurants. And those products are the essence of Terroni.”

“Materia prima is the soul of the restaurant. We don’t cut any corners when it comes to materia prima, we know that we are giving the best products that we can find. We are always searching for new and better products to improve; we are not sitting back.” – Cosimo Mammoliti



“You can’t find anything traditional any more.

Well, I want to keep it going. It’s just a little thing,

but in my little corner of this world,

my little corner of this city, I’m going to keep it going,

out of respect for everyone before me who worked

so hard to keep it alive.”

– Cosimo Mammoliti



Terroni Is As Much An Ideology As A Restaurant.

If you ask Mammoliti why people love his restaurants so much: “It’s simple food. I’m not doing anything big; it’s just that I go to great efforts to get the right products, the freshest ingredients. That’s what we do. We don’t mess around with traditional recipes – which is challenging for some people to understand.”

– Phil Caravaggio


“Our olive oil is made by a family friend in Italy.

He makes it just for us.

It’s 100% Coratina olives.

I see it picked, I watch it pressed.

To put a balsamic vinegar in it, it’s like pouring water into a fine bottle of wine.

You’re killing it, and I just won’t do it.”

– Cosimo Mammoliti