Boris and ‘nduja

The taste of Calabria


Terroni Adelaide chef Boris Buettner spent summers at his family’s vacation home in Sicily, which meant he not only got to spend time lounging on some of Italy’s loveliest beaches but he also came to love and consume untold amounts of assorted Italian salumi. “Since I was a small boy I was always fascinated with how the Italians made their salumi. I gave myself a life-long quest to crack the authentic recipes,” explains Buettner as he begins his weekly process of making 90 lbs of the spicy spreadable traditional Calabrese sausage ‘nduja. Authentic ‘nduja is a beautiful thing and quite rare to find outside of Calabria. Thanks to Buettner, you can find the real deal at Terroni. Take some Cumbrae Farms organic pork, chili peppers (dried, smoked and crushed by Buettner himself), smoked paprika and the finest sea salt, then dry-age it for three months in our cantina and presto: tutti a tavola a mangiare!


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Keep your eyes open for ‘nduja on our daily specials, like the pizza con la ‘ndjua di spilinga or the rigatoni con la ‘nduja, and enjoy an authentic taste of Calabria.

– by Stephanie Palmer


Terroni Magazine, (7), pp. 30-31


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Boris and 'nduja

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